Fall 2017 Formation

cc-2sq_0003_vector-smart-object.pngFall Faith Formation Series 2017

Listening, Learning, and Cultivating

As we move into this year together with the focus of cultivating community, there are four fall faith formation class offerings for you to explore different aspects of what it means to cultivate and live in community with one another.  These include opportunities to discuss the ways we tell our own stories, listen to the truths and stories of others, create expectations for what it means to live in community together and what it means to hold things in common.  The below classes will run for seven weeks and begin on the night of Wednesday, September 20th, with dinner at 6:00 and class from 6:30 to 8:00.  Please register for one offering.

“Who are We and Who am I”

This falls newcomers class will focus both on the importance of storytelling through the exercise of Spiritual Autobiography as well as look at some of the core teachings and ethos of the Anglican Tradition, as the class explores there story and the story of the Episcopal church, and how they inform one another. The cost of the book is $18.

“Pro-Voice: How To Keep Listening When The World Wants A Fight”

This will be a book study group on Aspen Baker’s Pro-Voice: How To Keep Listening When The World Wants A Fight, the recipient of the 2016 Evergreen Gold Medal for World Peace.  In this hopeful and moving book, Baker shares how she and Exhale, the organization she cofounded, built a caring, nonjudgmental space for women and men to share their feelings about abortion, without choosing sides, and the creative approaches they employed to help women and men have respectful, compassionate exchanges about even this most controversial of topics. The cost of the book is $11.

“The Covenant Bible Study”

This multi-week bible study series from Abbingdon Press explores the concept of a covenant through the lens of scripture, focusing on the story of God’s covenant with all of creation throughout the bible.  As the group moves through the bible, they have the opportunity to hear about different concept and stories from biblical scholars who are experts in the areas being discussed, as well as have facilitated group time for their own discussions.  Participant Guides are $14.

 “Creating Common Good”

This series from ChurchNext focuses on areas of social inequality within our society as well as the churches response to such inequality. Geared toward social justice, participants in this class will hear from advocates within the church prompting discussion on economic and educational inequality amongst others, as well as discussion about our responsibility as Christians to respond.  All materials for this class will be provided. 

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