Book Study

Please join us!

We hope you will join our community-wide, interfaith book study--whether you are new here, are a visitor, a neighbor, a friend-of-a-friend, or a long-time parishioner. Starting the first week of March, we will read Michael Kinnamon’s book, The Witness of Religion in an Age of Fear, which draws on a diversity of religious traditions and teachers to argue that religious faith is the best way to combat a culture of fear. There are many options for how to get involved in this book study, and we hope you will do as many or as few as works for you.

Interfaith Book Study

We invite you to attend an interfaith book study to foster discussion and understanding, as well as to build community. Hosted by St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, in partnership with the faith communities of Ohr Shalom synagogue and the Islamic Center of San Diego, the one-hour study group will meet at St. Paul’s on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. from March 5 through April 9, six weeks in all. Kinnamon himself will introduce the book and lead the first discussion on March 5. Leaders from Ohr Shalom, the Islamic Center of San Diego, and St. Paul’s will lead the subsequent discussions. SIGN UP BELOW if you would like to participate in this book study.

Please plan to pick up the book at the first Sunday meeting, March 5; reimbursement will be requested on that day (approx. $8). Keep in mind that attendance at every Sunday is valuable, but not necessary to attend. St. Paul’s is located at 2728 Sixth Ave., with the entrance to the Great Hall on Fifth Ave. Light refreshments and coffee will be provided. For more information, please contact David Tremaine, Director of Outreach and Formation at St. Paul’s, by email ( or phone (619-298-7261 ext. 332).

Small Groups and Additional Resources

We also invite you to join a small group that meets weekly and/or a small group that meets after church twice during Lent. Plus, on March 6 we’ll be launching Faith To Go, online resources for exploring the book and building faith. As one of those resources, we’ll also be bringing back our podcast, with a focus on discussing the themes in the book. Please join us on this community-wide discussion! SIGN UP BELOW for one or more ways to participate in this book study.

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 Yes, I would like to participate in a small group.
 Yes, and I would like to facilitate a small group.
 Yes, and I would like to host a small group at my house.
 No, I can’t meet weekly but I’d be interested in meeting twice to discuss the book, on March 19 and April 9. (childcare will be provided)
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QUESTIONS? Please contact David Tremaine, or (619) 298-7261 ext. 332