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ECS Day of Play

Episcopal Community Services invites you to a country faire and circus for all  ages. Join us on Sunday, April 10 at San Dieguito Park for BBQ, carnival, games, hiking trails, a country circus and more.

Episcopal Community Services was founded in 1927 by All Saints Episcopal Church with a goal to provide chaplaincy to those confined to hospitals and other public institutions. Since then our mission of serving God by serving those in need has been grounded in our commitment to affirm human dignity and promote social justice. ECS was funded by the proceeds of a local thrift shop and the contributions of 117 paying members. In 1939, a Board of Directors was formed to help set policy. The board expanded the scope of the agency in 1954 to provide programs that would address the welfare as well as the spiritual needs of the San Diego area. ECS was incorporated in 1955 and obtained its first government contract from the County of San Diego to provide chaplaincy services to inmates of honor camps. Today, ECS is responsible for the provision of $24M of health and human services in San Diego.

Our Mission

Operating under its mission of serving God by serving those in need through programs that foster hope, dignity and independence, ECS empowers vulnerable and struggling individuals and families by providing vital, high-quality social services that encourage healthy interdependence. Thousands of children and adults are served every day by our programs which focus on early childhood education and development, homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse education. ECS ensures each client is served without regard for ethnic background, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation or religious creed.

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) also provides comprehensive social services to low-income families and individuals. Since its inception, ECS has served those who are hurt and neglected, victims of abuse, or suffering the consequences of poor choices. More oftentimes than not, clients represent those who are ostracized by their families, peers and by society in general. Clients suffer from poor self-esteem, lack the belief that they can be loved and accepted, and see only despair and hopelessness in their future. Episcopal Community Services provides programs and services that build a bridge to a brighter future.

ECS programs encompass a broad range of social services: Friend 2 Friend Outreach Program – a clubhouse membership for those that have a mental disorder that seek guidance on understanding resources available to them, a computer lab to help the find jobs or do research, a staff available to help them set individual goals.
Also included are Downtown and Uptown Safehavens as transitional housing for homeless adults with mental disorders. Headstart, a program that helps severely low income children from birth to age 5 with their families to focus on literacy and nutrition as well as holistic development and prepare them for success. Para Las Familia, Accord DUI Propgrams and working with Veteran Affairs are other services that ECS provides. To read the entire list: ecscalifornia.org

Questions, more information? Contact Jennifer Jow –jennifer.jow@outlook.com or 619-840-2327.

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