Interfaith Shelter Network

The Interfaith Shelter Network is a collaborative effort by local congregations, human services agencies and government entities to provide shelter, services, and resources to homeless San Diegans throughout the region.  

They represent the work of more than 120 San Diego County congregations and 4,000+ volunteers who link to offer hands up to people seeking an end to their homelessness. Our volunteers and congregations collectively have sheltered more than 9,000 homeless people for more than 230,000 bed nights since 1986. More than half of our shelter guests leave our shelters for more permanent housing because of the professional guidance they receive from our case management agencies and the personal attention they receive from Network volunteers.  

St. Paul’s participation in this very worthwhile program consists of our annual hosting of up to 12 homeless guests for a two-week period, generally in October. The guests are usually newly homeless and are screened through Catholic Charities for inclusion in the program. Quite often, our guests include children. As hosts, our role is one of hospitality – to provide a true home for these guests during their stay with us, so their energy may be freed up to hunt for jobs, look for affordable housing, or focus on the other dictates of this program. Warm hospitality is provided through the combined efforts of about 60 enthusiastic and devoted parishioners who provide home-cooked meals, overnight hosting, companionship, and other services, as the need arises.  For more information about St. Paul’s effort or to volunteer when rotational shelter guests are staying at St. Paul's, contact the David Tremaine at    

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