Outreach Ministries


Docents are dedicated volunteers who keep the doors of the Cathedral open during daytime hours on weekdays and weekends.  When docents are on duty, anyone can come into the church to sit, pray, enjoy the stained glass windows, or listen to the organist during practice.  This is a unique offering to the community as there are very few other churches open during the day!  Docents answer questions, give tours if desired, or just give space to those who enter.  There are many stories of those who lives were literally saved, thanks to the doors of St. Paul's being open to their call.  If you have some time during the week for this special ministry, please contact Gladys King at 619-239-1290 or

Friends of Military Outreach and Support (FOMOS)

Who are we?  

Veteran's Day Evensong Color GuardFriends of Military Outreach and Support (FOMOS) is dedicated to building bridges of healing in the pastoral care and spiritual growth of current, transitioning and former military members, their families and friends. Representing a progressive Christian perspective, we are committed to assisting in the struggles of the greater military family and either filling or collaborating with to the appropriate aid organization to fill the need.

What do we do?

We are in a wide variety of support service activities, including:

  • Deployment support - provide care packages, cards, prayer list, etc. for deployed personnel, families and friends;
  • Homeless veterans support - volunteer with homeles veterans support organizations such as Veterans' Village Stand Down and referrals;
  • Outreach - serve as companions for wounded warriors undergoing rehabilitation at Balboa Naval Hospital; and,
  • Information & resource coordination - coordinate efforts, information and resources and with other St. Paul's ministries, other parishes, the diocese and the Bishop for the Armed Forces.
  • Education - we host events to highlight the challenges of the military and veterans communities while providing vounteer opportunities to build our own "bridges to healing" as the spirit so moves each of us. 

For more information, please contact:

The Rev. Susan Astarita (sastarita@roadrunner.comor Kim Sorrell (

 Watch our Forum on Spiritual Injury and read the related presentation here.

Peace Committee

Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being? I will, with God's help. - the Baptismal Covenant, The Book of Common Prayer

Our baptismal covenant requires us to "strive for peace and justice." The mission of the Peace Committee of St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral is to engage members of the congregation in working with the broader community for peace and justice. We focus on addressing issues of injustice, inequality, war, and oppression. We partner with organizations at the local, national, and international levels, uniting especially with the peace and justice ministries of the Episcopal Church.

We develop and support projects that focus on long-term solutions which consider the root causes of social problems in order to promote social change and resolve structural injustices. Our work involves public, collective actions, such as legislative advocacy and political action.

For more information, contact The Rev. Canon Richard Lief.

The Society of St. Paul

The Society of St. Paul began on July 1, 1958 founded by Canon Rene Bozarth, SSP, in Gresham, Oregon, east of Portland. It was the first monastic order for men recognized under the canons of the Episcopal Church. In 2001, at the invitation of Dean John Chane, the last members, Canons Barnabas Hunt, SSP, Rector, and Andrew Rank SSP, Associate Rector, began ministry at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul.For more information, contact Canons Barnabas Hunt, SSP, Rector, and Andrew Rank SSP, Associate Rector and visit the SSP page here.