Promoting your Ministry


St. Paul's is a big place and getting the word out on your ministry requires a plan if you want to successfully promote your activities or events. The key is to never rely on just one or two forms of promotion (such as, just putting a notice in the bulletin) - but to do several if not all of the suggestions listed below. Different people receive information differently. Your task is to utilize as many of the different ways as possible so as to have the best chance of reaching everyone.    

  1. Submit an Event Application - Use the online form here to notify the Cathedral of your event, as well as request a room. This will ensure that your event get's into our event calendar. This is a very important first step as it will help alter you to possible event conflicts. The Cathedral is a busy place and avoiding conflicts is important for the success of your event.
  2. Bulletin and e-Bulletin Announcements - Be sure to write a brief description of your event or meeting and email to  Be sure to include basic details of when and where, who to contact for more information, and most important - why the reader should care!  In short, don't forget to talk up the benefits of attending or participating.  We all have demands on our time, why should we carve our time for your event?  
  3. Posters & Flyers - Have someone with some graphic art skills to develop a poster for the many bulletin boards around the Cathedral and to hand out on the courtyard during coffee hour.  Email the poster to for approval prior to posting around the campus. Cathedral staff are also available to develop a flyer or poster for you. Contact Mark Turner for help at 
  4. Reserve a Table at Coffee Hour - Use this form to make sure a coffee table is set up and have members of your ministry scheduled to staff the table.  Working the courtyard and talking up your event and handing our invitations is one of the best ways to generate excitement about your ministry.  Contact Judy MacDonald to coordinate signage, flyers, pens, pads of paper for your table at
  5. Build your own mailing list - One of your first priorities whenever you have an event or meeting or set up a table at coffee hour is to collect names and emails of people who are interested or supporters of your ministry.  Maintain the emails and keep adding to the list.  Everyone from the group leaders to the mildly interested.  Then designate someone to have the responsibility of emailing a short monthly reminder of events and an invitation to participate, as well as any news or announcements about the group. Do it every month. They won't come to everything, but regular contact will increase the likelihood they will. 
  6. Keep your webpage updated - Check out your page from time to time to make sure contact info and meeting times are still updated. Don't have a webpage for your ministry or group?  Contact Canon Chris Harris at to help set one up.

For further help promoting your ministry, contact Canon Chris Harris at 619-298-7261 x344 or