Activity: What Kind of Fruit Are You, Ages 0-10 (10/8/17)

In this week’s gospel, Matthew 21:33-46, Jesus compares the Church to a vineyard. We could also compare the church to an orchard, a field of grain or even an urban, backyard garden. Let’s imagine ourselves as grapes in God’s vineyard, an apple in God’s orchard, an ear of corn in God’s field or a tomato in God’s garden. If you were to compare yourself to any other piece of fruit, a vegetable or another kind of plant or tree, what would it be? Why?

Some examples:

I’m most like a carrot: I spend a lot of time hidden below ground, but once you get to know me, I’m really good for you.

I’m a lot like a stalk of wheat: I’m flexible and bend when life blows me in different directions.

I think I’m a lot like a cherry tree in the spring: I’m showy and like to be the center of attention.

Have children draw pictures of the fruit, vegetable, or plant that they want to represent them. Have them include as much detail as possible. When they are finished, help them to label the different parts of the plant that makes them a fruitful Christian. Examples: wisdom, patience, kindness, sharing, good friend, hard working, creative, caring, good grades, etc…