Dinner: What We Give To God, Ages 5-10 (10/22/17)

Below is a prayer with which to start your meal and then discussion questions based on the Matthew 22:15-22 gospel reading to explore this topic with your family while you eat.



Heavenly Father, thank you for being patient with us when we ask questions of you. Please help us to know the ways in which we are misguided by others. Forgive us for not recognizing these things that make us turn away from you. Help us to know how we can turn towards you and recognize more fully how we can put more trust in you. Amen.


Questions 5-10 years old

  1. Do you think that the Pharisee’s knew that their priorities were mixed up?
  2. How can we recognize the things that we should give to God?
  3. What did this story teach us about how to live our lives?
  4. If you belong to God, how do you show God what you owe in how you live your life?