Views and Qs: Sharing My Gifts (May 8, 2017)

This week we explore what it means to be unique and have a unique identity by first taking a look first at a video about the ways we are each made special by God (0-4), then by examining what it means to find our identity in God (5-10) and finally exploring the ways in which we can share our unique gifts with the world (11-18).  Watch the videos together and then go through the discussion questions.


God Made Me Special, 0-4

Discussion Questions:

1. I wonder if God made all the people in the world or just some of them.

2. I wonder if everyone is the same because we are all made by God.

3. I wonder why God made everyone different.

4. I wonder what it means to be special.

5. What are some things that make you special?


Identity, 5-10

Discussion Questions:

1. What does it mean to have an identity?

2. What do you think your identity is?

3. What are some parts of your identity?

4. What does it mean for your identity to be in God?

5. Does it mean that everyone has to be the same?

6. Do you think its still important to have other parts of your identity?


Being Unique, 11-18

Discussion Questions:

1. Not everyone associates the talent of dancing with giving glory to God, inspiring others, and helping people. Carl Moore does all of these things in this video with his talent of dancing. What is a talent (big or small) that you think you could use to help and inspire others?

2. Moore says that the flower “is a symbol of a promise the Creator has for us that we will develop”. Have you always been very good at your talent? Or did you have to work hard to improve it?

3. The speaker says that he dances because it is something that is very important to his people and he admired that talent in people before him, so he decided to work on it. What is a talent you admire in other people that you could develop, too?