Views and Qs: What is Prayer? (May 22, 2017)

This week we explore what it means to pray by first taking a look first at a video about the different ways we can pray (0-4), then by learning about the Hebrew word Shema (5-10) and finally exploring some ways we can think about prayer in our everyday lives (11-18). Watch the videos together and then go through the discussion questions.


Prayer, Age 0-4

Discussion Questions:

1. I wonder what kinds of things we can pray for.

2. I wonder where God is when we pray.

3. I wonder how God can hear us when we pray.

4. I wonder what God's voice sounds like.


Shema (Listen), Age 5-10

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it important to pray?

2. What are some different ways that we can pray?

3. What is the role of listening in prayer?

4. Why is it important to listen when we pray?

5. What is the connection between praying and doing?


Unconventional Definition of Prayer, Age 11-18

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you agree that someone can pray “anytime, anywhere”? 

2. If so, is there still a need for set prayers like the ones in the Book of Common Prayer? 

3. Lamott says some phrases that can be used as prayers are “wow” and “thank you”. Can you think of some other very simple prayers using one or two words and/or phrases?

4. Can you think of other names to call God when you pray?