Views and Qs: What is the Jesus Movement

This week we explore what it means to be part of the Jesus Movement by first taking a look first at a video about the way Jesus moved through the world (0-4), then by examining the biblical witness to the movement of the Holy Spirit (5-10) and finally by hearing from our Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry as he explains his vision for our place in the Jesus Movement of today.  Watch the videos together and then go through the discussion questions.


What was Jesus like? (for ages 0-4)

Discussion Questions:

1. I wonder what it was like to be friends with Jesus.

2. I wonder why Jesus had so many friends.

3. I wonder how Jesus treated the people around him.

4. I wonder where Jesus is now.

5. I wonder if Jesus is friends with you and me.

6. I wonder who else Jesus is friends with in the world today.


The Holy Spirit (for ages 5-10)

Discussion Questions:

1. Where do you think the Holy Spirit is moving today?  

2. What do you think it is doing in the world now?

3. Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit moving in you?

4. What is something you've done that you were helped by the Holy Spirit to do?

5. What kinds of things do you think the Holy Spirit can do?

6. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?  Do you think the Holy Spirit was helping you do it?


The Jesus Movement (for ages 11-18)

Discussion Questions:

1. Bishop Curry talks about the Church being more of a “movement”, and less of an “institution”. The definition of an institution is “an established official organization having an important role in the life of a country, such as a bank or legislature” and an example of a “movement” would be the Civil Rights movement and the Feminist Movement. Can you think of the main differences between the two?

2. “It is that love (the love of Jesus) that can set us all free”. What do you think Bishop Curry means by this? What would it look like for all of us to love with "the love of Jesus" all the time? What holds us back from doing that?

3. Bishop Curry says that “(the Jesus Movement) is one (community) that goes out into the world and is loving, liberating, and life giving”. How can someone do that in a small way? A big way?

4. If we are all part of the Jesus Movement, do you think there is still a need for denominations (Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, etc)? Why or why not?