Views and Qs: What it Means to Serve Others (May 15, 2017)

This week we explore what it means to serve other people by first taking a look first at a video about the effect helping others can have on the world (0-4), then by examining why we serve other people (5-10) and finally exploring the ways in which we are called to serve other as people of faith today (11-18).  Watch the videos together and then go through the discussion questions.


Color Your World With Kindness, Age 0-4

Discussion Questions:

1. I wonder why some people in the world are sad.

2. I wonder why we get sad sometimes.

3. I wonder what helps us feel better when we are sad.

4. I wonder what some other things are that people need help with sometimes.

5. I wonder what some things are that we can do to help people.

6. I wonder why it's important to help people.

7. I wonder what it feels like to help someone else.


Kindness Boomerang, Age 5-10

Discussion Questions:

1. What are some reasons people help one another?

2. Do you think people are more likely to help others after they've been helped?

3. Is there a reason to help others even if you don't get helped in return?

4. What are some ways you like to help other people?  What are some ways other people have helped you?

5. What does it feel like to help others?  What does it feel like to be helped?

6. Is it hard to ask for help?


Love God, Love Neighbor, Age 11-18

Discussion Questions:

1. The narrators say “the church is full of problems because the church is full of people”. What do you think they mean by this? Are people problems?

2. Is it possible to completely “take a step back” and go back to just the philosophy “love God, love neighbor” in modern times? How could the Church do that?

3. The narrators ask themselves “is this a place (the Church) where I can be a leader?” What would leading in the Church look like as a teenager? Are there ways to be leaders in the Church without being priests? 

4. The video says people found their “vocation, passion, and purpose” because of the Church. Do you have any idea what might be your calling in life? Do you think that will change?