Small Groups and Fellowship

There is no more important way to get connected at St. Paul's, than by becoming part of a small group or fellowship group. What's a small group? The answer of course varies. In short, small groups gathering on a regular basis -- to get to know each other, share a meal, share their lives, study, pray together, encourage one another and offer support through good times and bad. But regardless of their focus, the bonds that form and the growth that comes are so important that followers of Jesus have been meeting together this way since the earliest days of the Church.

At St. Paul's, there are numerous small groups and fellowship groups (larger groups, usually based around some kind of common affinity) where you can begin the kind of deeper relationship and friendship we all seek at some time in our lives.  And there are many variations so there's bound to be a good fit with your interests, your availability, and your spiritual journey. Some groups take turns hosting a meal and just have fun, some meet to walk their pets in the park; some study the Bible or another book together, some focus on prayer, while others are based in service.  Groups include people who are single and partnered, straight and gay, parents, men, women, people of varying ages — and various combinations of all of the above.

How to get started?

Check out some of the groups on this page, or contact The Rev. Canon Jeff Martinhauk at martinhaukj@stpaulcathedral.org for help getting connected to a group that might be a good fit.