My Pledge

The In-Gathering, or “Pledge Sunday,” is a chance for everyone who considers St. Paul’s their spiritual home to come to the altar and make a pledge —an estimate of your giving for the coming year. A pledge may be made any time of year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to consider the blessings of your life, and become a partner in the mission and ministry of St. Paul’s!

 Stewardship is a wonderful opportunity to take stock in the many blessings in our lives and reflect on how we are feeling called to give back in thanksgiving.  As a practical matter, it's when we as members of this faith community begin considering how we can make a financial committment to give back to God through the mission and ministry of St. Paul's Cathedral.  As you consider your pledge, please know that it is only through the weekly giving of our members, that St. Paul’s Cathedral is able to present dynamic programs and activities that enrich and transform lives, beautiful worship and music offerings, children and youth programs, comprehensive pastoral care, adult education, spiritual guidance, small group activities, ministries, and much more.  Unlike many cathedrals, nearly 80% of our operating income comes to us through the weekly offering.  Put simply, every pledge counts, and every pledge matters.

But more importantly, at St. Paul's, we truly believe that giving is as much a spiritual practice as prayer, worship or service.  As Christians, we are called to give out of thanksgiving for the many blessings we have received and as a reminder, that we are but managers, or stewards, of God's gifts.