Also known as the Vestry in non-cathedral parishes, Chapter is the Cathedral’s governing body, responsible for the “temporalities” (i.e., governance and financial management) of the Cathedral.  Regular meetings are conducted monthly on the first Tuesday and are open to all Cathedral members, except for special occasions when executive sessions are held.

The Chapter is chaired by the Dean and consists of 12 members of the Cathedral, a representative of the Bishop (the Bishop’s Warden), and two at-large representatives of the diocese.  Additionally, the Treasurer, Clerk and Chancellor (legal counsel) are non-voting ex officio members.  Chapter members are elected at the Annual Meeting to three year terms.  Diocesan representatives are elected to four year terms at the Diocesan Convention.  From among the members of the Chapter, the Dean appoints a Dean's (or Senior) Warden and the Chapter elects a People's (or Junior) Warden. 

View this year's Chapter Covenant.  

Have a question?  Email Marshall Moore, the People's Warden.

Chapter Members


penny.jpgThe Very Rev. Penny Bridges

Class of 2019

jen-jow-1.jpg Jennifer Jow, Dean's Warden

jasmin-kaeser.jpg Jasmin Kaeser

mark-lester.jpg Mark Lester

joan-reese.jpg Joan Reese

Class of 2020

hall.jpg Martin Nace Hall

mcclure.jpg Susan McClure

moore.jpg Marshall Moore, People's Warden

warren.jpg Bruce Warren

Class of 2021

elizabeth-fitzsimons.jpg Elizabeth Fitzsimons

clemente-leopoldo-guarneros-flores.jpg Clemente Leopoldo Guarneros Flores

jim-greer.jpg Jim Greer

gerald--jerry--motto.jpg Gerald (Jerry) Motto  

Diocesan Reps

dexter-semple.jpg Dexter Semple

andrew-green.jpg The Rev. Andrew Green

lesslie-keller.jpg Lesslie Keller, Bishop's Warden


andrew-brooks.jpg Andrew Brooks, Chancellor

Betsey Monsell, Treasurer

john-stendercuster.jpg John Stender-Custer, Clerk


Chapter members, click here for chapter intranet.